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Achieving Belonging Connecting

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Behaviour Management Plan

Our philosophy in the Support Unit is "Positive Behaviour Intervention", where we aim to be proactive and support all positive and socially appropriate behaviour. Each of the 7 classes use their own unique systems to reward and reinforce positive behaviour.


The management plan for Busby West Support Unit is to meet individual behaviour needs.



  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be an Active Learner


Rewards for positive behaviour in the classroom. 

All staff implement different reinforcement systems depending on students' needs in their classrooms. Reinforcement systems and reinforcers will change regularly in order to maintain student interest.  Rewards include weekly parties, movie afternoons, end of term lunch, stickers, games afternoon, free art time, visit buddy class, computer/iPad time, in class certificates and free choice from reading box.


Consequences for negative behaviour

  • All staff implement consequences for negative behaviour when required. The consequences will be presented with the use of verbal and visual cues.
  • If negative behaviour continues students will be sent to Ms Davies for 'cool down time' in the Cool Down Room or in the supported outdoor play area. Visual cues will be used to support positive behaviour change.
  • If there are concerns about changes in a student's behaviour parents/carers will be contacted for an interview with the classroom teacher and Ms Davies to discuss the students behaviour neeeds and how we can support positive behaviour change.


The Management Plan has the support of all staff at Busby West Public School.