Busby West Public School

Achieving Belonging Connecting

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About our school

The mission statement of Busby West Public School was developed by representatives of the whole school community and states: At Busby West Public School all children will develop to their full potential - academically, emotionally, socially and physically, so that they can participate in and contribute in a positive way.

This outcome will be realised with an empowered school community which promotes excellence in school endeavours. Busby West Public School is situated in a residential area characterised by a balance between established and newly developed homes. The school was established 1967 and is at the beginning of a program of funded support under the National Partnerships Program. The aim of this program is to continue the marked growth in academic achievements.

The school is half way through the Positive Behaviour in Schools program which so far has achieved excellent results in Student Welfare issues. Busby West pblic School proudly serves a community drawn from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The prevailing climate is one of tolerance and respect of others' beliefs and cultural heritage. Emphasis is placed on raising the expectations for the individual child.