Busby West Public School

Achieving Belonging Connecting

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Special Programs

Shopping and cooking

Students will participate in living skills activities such as cooking and shopping.  All activities have both an academic, physical and social component.  Cooking fees will apply and may vary from term to term. A note will be sent home when this is scheduled.


Individualised Educational Programs

All of our students are matched to appropriate outcomes in each key learning area.  The aim of the IEP is to cater for all students' individual academic and social needs. Teachers meet with parents to identify Leaning Goals each semester to support the IEP.



Students are integrated into all aspects of the school's routine. They attend scripture, sport, camps, excursions, reward days, assemblies and special events along side their mainstream peers.  Students are also supported with integration into mainstream classes to meet there identified learning and social needs.  Careful consideration is taken when placing students in mainstream settings to ensure it is a  positive experience.



Assisted school travel is available for students who demonstrate a need to be supported to travel to and/or from school. Students who meet criteria for Assisted Travel, are placed on a taxi run and arrive at school between 8:30 and 8:45. Student's behaviour is monitored daily to ensure that all students arrive to school and home safely.

Taxi rules

1.                 Stay in your seat with your belt on.

2.                 Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

3.                 Speak politely using a soft voice and follow school rules.

4.                 Follow the adult's instructions.

Please feel free to contact your teacher with any questions or concerns regarding taxi.