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Support Unit

Support Unit News: Term 3

The past few weeks SJ have been buzzing with excitement with lots of things happening. We have been learning about healthy and unhealthy foods in PDHPE, informative texts and learning about animals. We have also been involved with community access and attended the Infants Athletics Carnival. We are excited about the up and coming school holidays for a much deserved break. Well done class SJ keep up the good work. Miss Jeremiejczyk





Students in SS and SM have been learning about mass in Mathematics for the past 3 weeks. Students have learnt all about heavy and light objects and have participated in activities where they are categorising heavy and light objects and hefting objects to determine which object is light or heavy. This week students have been learning to measure the weight of objects using informal units.


Over the last few weeks, students in Class SJ have been busy learning about fractions. We were lucky enough to use our knowledge practically in the kitchen by making pizzas and cutting them into halves and quarters. It's been a very busy Term 3 and all students are enjoying their time at school, learning lifelong skills and becoming independent.


Students in SS and SM have been working hard learning about their selected decade in history, dance and art lessons. Students read informative texts about pop icons from the 80s and worked together to understand how the image of the 80s was formed. Students selected colourful wall paper designs in 80s colours and patterns and cut out different shapes before placing them around their art work. Our classes worked together to create a dance routine to the song ‘Shout' and enjoyed performing in front of teachers, peers and families at the 50th celebration. To conclude our learning, students jointly constructed a recount of the 50th anniversary day and did their best to write a sentence about their experience.


SG and SP are studying about the 'First Fleet' and researching information about their favourite Australian animal to write Informative Texts.



Support Unit News: Term 2

SG and SP have been researching information about how to make boomerang and their importance of their use by Aboriginal people.


SK travelled to Green Valley Plaza to use the Post Office to send letters through the post.





SK have been learning to measure things using informal units.




SK have been learning to sort items into groups.


Class SJ has been extremely busy over the last few weeks. We have been learning about places within the community and the services they offer. We even got to visit Green Valley Library last week and participated in a lesson to learn how to borrow and browse for books. Thankyou to the staff at Green Valley Library. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Students are looking forward to visiting more places within the community over the next few weeks. "I'm excited to say that students in class SJ have been so dedicated to their learning and are making huge improvements" - Miss Jeremiejczyk





This term, students in SS and SM have been looking at maps and globes trying to locate Australia. Students have also researched different Australian flora and fauna and famous landmarks. The children used different sources of information such as viewing videos, books, images and the internet to find this information about Australia. They enjoyed categorising and grouping images based on their category and seeing different famous Australian land marks, flora and fauna.

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Support Unit News: Term 1

SK have had a busy start to the term! Check out our smiling faces during morning circle and Cross Country.


SM have been learning about different colours. We love to watch colour songs on the Interactive White Board and play 'colour detective' in our classroom. This week, students have been searching for objects which are red. They have also completed some pages in their colour workbook and made a red apple for our class display. These girls found lots of red things in our classroom this week!


This term SA has been working hard on various classroom activities. The students have been learning about addition and subtraction strategies and using concrete materials to build their understanding about these concepts. SA students have also been creating artworks related to the letter of the week and has been utilising technology in different classroom activities such as using the Sunshine Online app to assist them in their reading and building their comprehension knowledge of different texts.




Over the past few weeks class SJ have been learning about money. We are developing our skills and are beginning to demonstrate our ability in recognising coins and understanding what money is used for. We have also been learning about places within our local community and what services are on offer to support our needs. SJ are all working extremely hard to achieve our individual learning goals.




In SG and SP literacy sessions we have been learning about common nouns,plurals, similes, metaphors, statements, commands, questions and exclamations.


For numeracy we have been focusing numbers as in place value and ascending and descending order, numbers before and after, addition using split strategies, place value and money


Students in SS have been working hard to develop positive working habits within the classroom. Throughout this term Kindergarten have been working on perfecting their floor time skills and ensuring they can display their 5LS (listening, looking, hands in lap, legs crossed, lips closed). 

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Students in SS have also been learning how to dance and sing along to different nursery rhyme songs. Here you can see students pretending to be sleeping scarecrows as they then jump up to life to dance along to the song. Kindergarten has really enjoyed learning how to dance along to different songs.