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Stage 2

Stage 2 News: Term 4

This week 3A have been writing recounts of all of the wonderful things they got up to during their holidays. They have also been having fun designing their own farms and using positional language to describe the location of all of the features on their farm.






Stage 2 News: Term 1

4B have learnt how to play elastics an old game but a great game. They are learning to work together and problem solve how to jump high whilst using elastics.





3A have been working hard this week learning about odd and even numbers. They have been learning how to make arrays and continue number patterns. In writing they have been busy making board games and writing an explanation of how to play their game.




3A were very excited this week to perform their item at the primary assembly. We have been learning about division this week in maths and have been practicing sharing into equal groups. 3A have been writing literary descriptions in writing and have been learning how to edit their work.


This term 3G have been learning about mini-beasts, living and non-living things and plants. Students have been researching different mini-beasts and are in the process of planning and writing an information report on the mini-beast they selected.  We have also been studying still life artwork in our creative art lessons where students have demonstrated their artistic abilities in creating their own still life artwork in the form of a fruit bowl.