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Kindergarten at BWPS

Kindergarten News: Term 3

KF enjoying the farm and the new playground at Busby West!





KB have been having fun using the new playground. We enjoyed playing on the slides the most and were racing each other to get down. There are lots of great climbers in KB and big smiles when we are playing.


Students in KB have been working hard to learn the dance steps for our 50th Anniversary celebration. 

They also enjoyed getting their hair sprayed different colours. 



KF have been learning many skills these past few weeks. We have been using the laptops to learn how to login to our account on the computers. KF have also been learning to tell the time on an analog clock by making our own watches, and we loved using them. During art we have experimented with different styles of painting such as flicking paint on a shape of a horse to colour it in. Our focus in reading and writing has been using our knowledge of beginning sounds, middle sounds and ending sounds to help us in literacy.



Kindergarten News: Term 2

This week in maths, students in KB have been learning about money. We made a money mobile with different coins and did a worksheet on matching money.



 KF have been learning about the 5 senses.


KF have been working hard over they past couple of weeks learning about area and the value of numbers. We have also been learning about writing descriptions which are on display proudly in our classroom window.




The last few weeks, KB has been learning to use different emotions using their face. We have been practising being angry, happy and surprised. In these photos, we are blowing kisses to our mums for the mother's day cards that we made.



KF are learning addition skills. We are learning to add two amounts together using concrete materials. KF have been practising their writing and letter formation of their sight words. We are looking forward to using these skills in our reading groups and writing groups.




Kindergarten News: Term 1

KF have been learning many things this term. We have been spending our days learning about letters and the sounds they make, practising our reading and writing and spelling sight words. We are learning to count and read numbers 1-20 and name the days of the week. KF have also learnt about their five senses and what they are used for in everyday life.




In Kindergarten, we are learning to read. We know that we have to get our mouth ready, point to the words and look at the picture. We enjoy reading new books.

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