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Early Action for Success

Early Action for Success

Early Action for Success (EAfS) is the department's strategy for implementing the NSW government's State Literacy and Numeracy Plan. It aims to improve students' literacy and numeracy skills through a targeted approach in the early years of schooling.

Busby West Public School was selected to be involved in this initiative for 2015-2016 as part of Phase 1. The school will continue to be part of the initiative during Phase 2 from 2017-2020 with a focus on improving students' skills in literacy and numeracy. As part of the initiative we have been allocated full-time Deputy Principal Instructional Leadership, Mrs Lisa Hughes and one day per week, Deputy Principal Instructional Leadership, Miss Lisa Humpherys, to drive EAfS within the school.

Key features of Early Action for Success

  • instructional leadership
  • personalised learning
  • assessment for learning
  • high quality professional learning with a focus on the early years of schooling K-2.

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I have achieved my individual learning goal. Adding dice in Maths


I can count-on and count-back Playground markings